Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tudung Shawl

Tudung Shawl chiffon printed comes with various arts and colors. shawl ni boleh di pakai dengan pelbagai cara. Just want to share how elegance this shawl can be when it put together with blazer or any corporate attire. Semestinya shawl ni amat sesuai digunakan sebagai head scarf. Very nice and soothing. This shawl are design and tailored by Scarf Haven. New design will come out soon are all in d process of making.....

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tudung Bawal Classic

Now Tudung Bawal classic are back....in the process of making...i am so in love with Tudung Bawal plain covered up with stones. I am using Swarovski Stone and design it with various style that can make this Tudung Bawal have their own unique. This design are so elegance and suit with casual attire as well as official function. Sesiapa yg berminat boleh terus email or sms me at 0162193194. Any design will do according to your personal budget. Bawal material are soft cotton and easy to wear. Design boleh terus email pada saya. Tq ~ Scarf Haven~

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tudung Bawal Rainbow Paisley

Hi Ladiess come and see our Bawal Rainbow. It comes with 3 tones of colors can match with our cloth very well. 
Material: cotton bawal & soft
Price: RM15
-still stock last-

BR 01 (pink, blue and green of yellow)
Status: Available

BR 02 : (Grey, Ocean Blue , Red and Yellow)
Status: Available

BR 03: (Grey, Red, Green)
Status: Available

BR 04: (Blue, Purple and Green)
Status: Available

BR 05: (Purple, Yellow, Blue and Red)
Status: Available

BR 06: (Brownish, Light Purple, Red)
Status: Available

Tudung Bawal Butterfly Paisley

Tudung Bawal Paisley is a new trend now days as it was inspired by the design of Aidijuma. It comes with the Leopard and Butterfly design. 
Material: Soft and easy to style it.  
Color: 2 Tone color - some design with 2 or more combination of color.
Retail Price : RM17 per piece.
-Come and get it while stock last-
Pink Peach Leopard
Orange Blue Leopard
Grey Blue Leopard
Light Green Leopard
Light Purple Blue Leopard
Blue Pinky Butterfly
Blue Purple Butterfly
2 Layer Green Butterfly
Yellow Greenich Butterfly

Welcome To Scarf Haven

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